General Dentistry

We are skilled in General Dentistry. We place a strong emphasis on oral health and hygiene to catch and stop the progression of oral diseases. Our trustworthy, compassionate team will work with you to create a treatment plan designed to meet your dental health needs. 

Preventative Dentistry

  •  - Dental Exams
  •  - Teeth Cleanings
  •  - Digital X-rays
  •  - Dental Sealants
  •  - Fluoride Varnish
  •  - Custom Mouthguards
  •  - Oral Cancer Screening

Cosmetic Dentistry

  •  - Composite or Porcelain Veneers
  •  - Teeth Whitening
  •  - Orthodontics
  •  - Invisalign/Clear Correct 

Restorative Dentistry

  •  - Tooth-Colored Cavity Fillings 
  •  - Dental Implants
  •  - Crowns and Bridges 
  •  - Root Canals 

Full Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable. However, there are many denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants.

Flexible dentures are available as well.